Geneva is the 2nd biggest city in Switzerland, nearby France. We have carefully assembled a full guide to get you to, from & around the city as efficiently as possible.

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Airport to City Centre

At a glance, you may see our summary of cheapest, fastest & best options to get between the airport and the city centre. Click on your preferred method for full instructions. For an overview of all methods available, click here to read our full guide.

Getting from Geneva Airport to city centre is exceptionally easy and convenient. The cheapest & fastest way is the train, taking 7 minutes and is free for arriving passengers or 2 CHF otherwise. Taking into account the cost, convenience and speed, this is also the best way. Read more.

Public Transport Guide

Geneva has a functional, clean and in many cases free public transport system that will get you around most places you will want to visit.

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Transport methods

Metro/subway & rail

The main Geneva Cornavin train station connects Geneva with other cities in Switzerland and surrounding France. We outline some of the journeys in our popular excursions section. Suburban train services also connect Geneva with the outskirts.

Buses, taxis & ride-sharing

An extensive system of buses and trams operates throughout Geneva. The combination of the two methods will make journeys between places of interest easy and affordable. The announcements are in French only.

Other methods

Covered within Geneva’s public transport system, yellow water taxis operate in Lake Geneva using the same ticketing system.

Ticketing & stored value card

Geneva’s public transport ticketing system operates on a zone-based system, with most of Geneva in Zone 10. Tickets are also time-based, except for certain specific short-distance tickets.

The most popular ticket is a 60-minute for 3 CHF, allowing for unlimited journeys in Zone 10. There are also daily tickets available for 10 CHF (or 8 CHF valid after 9am).

Tickets can be purchased at ticket machines, most of which accepts coins only. If you are using a Swiss SIM card, an interesting alternative is purchasing tickets via SMS. It is activated immediately, and the cost is deducted from your credit.

If you are staying in a Geneva hotel, you are entitled to a public transport pass at no additional cost. It will be valid for the duration of your stay and cover all zones.

Getting around

Our favourite companion app in Geneva is Google Maps. Its useful journey planner will provide you with a handy overview of all methods of getting between A and B, taking into account the bus, tram and water taxi options as well as giving a comparison between an Uber ride.

Popular excursions

Geneva is well connected to other cities in Switzerland and nearby France. Read about some of the popular excursions we have covered so far:

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