Krakow is the 2nd largest but most-visited city in Poland. We have carefully assembled a full guide to get you to, from & around the city as efficiently as possible.

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Airport to City Centre

At a glance, you may see our summary of cheapest, fastest & best options to get between the airport and the city centre. Click on your preferred method for full instructions. For an overview of all methods available, click here to read our full guide.

The cheapest way is the bus, costing just 4 PLN and takes around 30-45 minutes. Read more.

The fastest way is airport train service, costing 9 PLN and takes just 19 minutes. Taking into account the cost, convenience and speed, this is also the best way. Read more.

Public Transport Guide

Krakow is a fairly compact city but has a functional network of buses and trams that will get you through some of the longer journeys.

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Transport methods

Metro/subway & rail

Trains in Krakow mainly operate long-distance train to other Polish cities, as detailed in our popular excursions section. The one service you will likely use is to the Wieliczka Salt Mines. Modern air-conditioned trains operate this service, continuing onto the airport.

Buses, taxis & ride-sharing

An extensive system of buses and trams operates throughout the city, aiming to fulfil transport needs of residents and tourists alike.

Tickets must be validated shortly after getting on the bus or tram. In order to validate your ticket, insert it into the ticket machine after getting onto the bus or tram. After inserting the ticket, the machine will make a distinctive sound effectively stamping the ticket, letting you know it worked. If ever in doubt, follow what anyone else getting on is doing.

Numerous taxi companies operate throughout Krakow, with most being metered and displaying their fares in one of the windows. Uber is Poland’s most popular ride-sharing app and you are unlikely to have any trouble finding a ride within a matter of minutes.


Tickets can be purchased in ticket machines next to major stops as well as in kiosks and shops advertising “bilety” all over the city. Keep in mind that there might be a language barrier with some attendants and using a card to pay can be hit or miss, so make sure you have patience and cash handy.

Tickets are based on time, with options anywhere for 20, 50 & 90 minutes, 24/48/72 hour to 7 days. You can make unlimited changes within the given time-frame, starting at when you first validate the ticket.

Getting around

Our favourite companion app is Google Maps. It allows you to quickly compare the time it takes to walk, ride a bus or tram and take a taxi from A to B.

Validating the ticket as detailed above is extremely important, as inspectors are known to be particularly unsympathetic towards tourists.

Popular excursions

Krakow is well connected to other cities in Poland and nearby European countries. Read about some of the popular excursions we have covered so far:

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