Toronto is the economic capital and largest city of Canada. We have carefully assembled a full guide to get you to, from & around the city as efficiently as possible.

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Airport to City Centre

At a glance, you may see our summary of cheapest, fastest & best options to get between both the main Toronto Pearson (YYZ) and Billy Bishop Toronto City (YTZ) International Airports and Toronto city centre.

For an overview of all methods available, click at the airport name to access the full guide.

The cheapest way is a bus & metro, costing just over 3.10$ and takes 50 minutes to an hour. Read more.

The fastest way is train service, reaching downtown Toronto in just 25 minutes for 9.25$ one-way. Taking into account the cost, convenience and speed, this is also the best way. Read more.

The cheapest way is to walk, seriously. Most places in Downtown Toronto are walkable within around 30 minutes.

Alternatively, a complementary shuttle service is also available, leaving every and taking just 15 minutes. Taking into account the cost, convenience and speed, this is also the best way. Read more.

The fastest way is a taxi ride costing 10-20$ and takes around 10-15 minutes. Read more.

Public Transport Guide

Toronto, as a large metropolis, has a functional public transport system that will get you around most places you will want to visit.

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Transport methods

Metro/subway & rail

Toronto’s subway system dots around the city with 4 lines and 75 stations. It is efficient, affordable and easy to use, making it a great way to get around the city.

Union Station is Toronto’s main and largest train station, connecting the city with other large cities around Canada, including Ottawa and Montreal as well as some services over the border to the United States. We cover some of the journey in our public excursions section.

Buses, taxis & ride-sharing

Toronto’s system of buses and trams is at the heart of its public transport system. They are easy to use and efficient, especially for shorter journeys.

Taxis can be found all over the city, Tipping is expected and around 10-20% is recommended.

Uber is Toronto’s most popular ride-sharing app and cars are plentiful. Prices are typically more competitive than other available taxi options.

Other methods

Ferry and water taxi services operate from Downtown to Toronto Islands just to the south.

Ticketing & stored value card

The PRESTO card is Toronto’s public transport stored value card. Along with the convenience, it comes with slight savings over single tickets.

How to get it & adding credit

The card can be purchased at a cost of 6$ with a 10$ minimum credit at:

  • the UP Express counter at Pearson Airport
  • PRESTO ticket machines at subway stations
  • Shoppers Drug Mart
  • TTC customer service counters

As mentioned in our Toronto Airport to City Guide, we recommend purchasing the card right at the airport because of the discounts on our recommended method of transport, the UP train.

You can add credits to the card, with a minimum of 10$ at a time, at ticket machines, customer service counters and online or through an app if you register your card.

How to use it

Using TTC methods of transport, you are only required to tap on when entering the bus or other method of transport. Using GO Transit you must also tap off when exiting.

Fares & passes

The fare structure of Toronto’s public transport is complex as several different companies operate within the city. You will most often use TTC methods of transport, which include the streetcar and many buses. A TTC single fare is 3.10$ and transfers within 2 hours are free. Special fares apply on the UP train to and from the airport.

Read more about the PRESTO card, including how to return it to recover the credits and validity for future travels.

Getting around

Our favourite companion app in Toronto is Citymapper. The useful journey planning function will provide you with a handy overview of all methods of getting between A and B, comparing walking, the various public transport options as well taking a taxi.

Popular excursions

Toronto is well connected to other cities in Canada and to the south in the United States. Read about some of the popular excursions we have covered so far:

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